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I LOVED Anne Waldman’s Feminafesto. It was feminist, yet it simultaneously battled against feminism. Women face a sexual double standard. We must be feminine, alluring, but demure. We are seductive, powerful, evil. But we are inferior, quiet, sexually repressed. There are two different types of women: the good girl and the slut. The good girl obeys societal and gender norms. She is obedient, she is quiet, she is domestic. She knows her place and does what she is told. She represses the urges of her body, and is sexually prudent. The slut likes to fuck. She does as she pleases. Men are afraid of her, women loathe her, judge her. You can not act on sexual urges like a man. There is no middle ground for women. For women, wanting a career, wanting sex, is viewed in a more negative manner than similar desires expressed by a man. Women are characterized by there gender, and we shouldn’t be. 

Packing Prose

Over the past few days, I have started the packing process. It’s like little by little, I’m sending myself home. I know this is now the second post in a row that I have dedicated to end-of-the-year proclivities, but really, what else is there to think about? Summer jobs. I had a phone interview the other day for the summer job that I really, REALLY want. Basically, it’s getting paid to volunteer and do community service, so fingers crossed, it works out. I think the interview went well, managed to convince them I’m wonderful and charming! But who knows. Having absolutely zero work experience probably deters one’s chances….

The Final Countdown

It’s hard to believe that 13 days from now, I will be back home in Seattle, done with my freshman year of college. I’ve started shipping my stuff back home, and the reality of it all is slowly sinking in. With the stress of finals looming overhead, I have barely had time to reflect on the past year and all that has happened. So, this is a vow to myself: To enjoy these last 13 days, amidst all the stress, and finish the year strong. And once all is done, I’ll have time to reflect back. For now, I just need to focus on school and enjoy the moment.


I had never seen “Amelie” before, but I absolutely loved it. The film was quirky, charming, and in a surrealist way, quite beautiful. “Amelie” uses surrealist techniques throughout the film. The way the title character, Amelie, cuts up photographs and letters and reassembles them reminded me of surrealist activities we did in class. Many scenes in Amelie were surreal in nature, possessing a dreamlike quality. Photographs would speak, still objects came to life, and imaginations ran wild, fusing reality with the surreal. Surrealism makes watching “Amelie” feel magical. 

R.I.P., Dreidel. A very special kitty.

My best friend’s cat, Dreidel, just died. Though she was old, and I did not always get along with her, she will be greatly missed. The sound of her guttural, cacophonous meow will forever echo throughout my heart. She was a special kitty, and condolences go out to my friend

Pip-Pip for Puppets!

I am incredibly excited for Sophia and Alex to visit our classroom. After reading through their website, SMC, and looking at the work they did in Trinidad, I can’t wait to hear what they have to say. Though their puppets are amazing, I’m more excited to hear about what it is like to visit foreign cultures and work with a group of people. How do you enhance traditions, and are you ever worried about ruining them? I’m impressed by the way Sophia and Alex have visited all these place and started up annual parades and traditions after they leave. What does it feel like to have such a powerful influence? I truly am excited.


Just a famous puppet…

Watery Oasis by Spencer, Aaron and Kaitlin

Outside my front yard and is what’s known as Whippoorwill Lake. In the warm weather my friends and I have gone out on a small paddle boat and trekked around the various islands. It provides a relaxing outlet for my friends and I wouldn’t want it any other way. We need this lake, it’s our escape. It looks incredible all year round, frozen shut in the winter, war and appealing in the summer. We all do so much on the lake: fishing, swimming, and any other water sport you could think of. The lake provided me and my friends a place to hide. That is to say we could always swim to the depths of our favorite lake and pretend the world had gone away. And speaking of lakes, why do we even build pools near lakes? Lakes are no that gross (most of the time). People may have been swimming in the lakes for generations, so why is it no longer good enough?Image

Salvador Dali

1. Salvador Dali. I have been a Dali fan for quite some time. Actually, the first time I came across Dali was while reading an amazing fiction novel called “The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay” by Michael Chabon (I highly recommend it). Dali was mentioned incredibly briefly in a single scene, at a surrealist art party, but I was smitten. His work is so surreal, when I look into Dali’s paintings, I feel as though I am in a dream. And yet, it makes sense. Dali’s work connects with my subconscious. Dali also embodies the movements disappointment with its relative popularity and success.